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How a Corporate Data Center Can Meet Your Corporate Data Center Needs

In the modern age, data centers are essential to the business operations. They offer secure, reliable computing power to support business processes, from internal communications to customer service. They’re built with huge amounts of planning and resources to ensure the facility can accommodate a company’s ever-growing workload needs for decades to come. They’re also evolving to function more efficiently and seamlessly integrate with cloud-based resources.

If a business is able to afford it they can construct their own datacenter. Otherwise, they can opt for a colocation service. While the benefits of using a colocation service are many, it can decrease a company’s control and control over its data infrastructure. This can lead to Shadow IT, where employees utilize cloud-based services without the company’s approval.

A data center in-house will allow a company to have greater control over its data infrastructure and assures that it is able to respond to problems quickly. It will also ensure greater uptime and boost productivity since employees are able to work more easily and with less interruptions.

The majority of data centers have multiple layers of security in order to safeguard sensitive information. These include firewalls security systems, intrusion detection systems, backup procedures, as and physical access restrictions like guards, cameras and mantraps. Some have fire protection systems which use sprinklers or chemical suppression. Server rooms are often designed to divide cold and hot aisles, which prevents air mixing. This can have a significant impact on the efficiency of cooling. Many large hyperscalers are relying on Prefabricated Fabrication (PFM) solutions to reduce construction time and increase safety and quality as well as sustainability in new facilities.

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